Welcome to mam modellbau

Over the last 100 years model engineers have dedicated themselves to the design and build of exhibition standard one-off working models. The finest of these survive in the hands of proud family members, private collectors, or as exhibits in leading museums.

Of course, a quality model that has taken many thousands of hours to build is a rare item. Today, due to years of decline in the number of time served engineers, it is more difficult than ever to find that special model - and even if you can the prices are often very high.

It is our aim to create a range of exhibition standard working models for the discerning collector. Built by traditional methods our models are typically limited editions subject to one off batch manufacture. While a hand-built model can never be cheap we deliver exceptional value for money. Relative scarcity and affordability is an attractive combination for collectors who seek a secure investment in addition to the pleasure of ownership.

We understand that enthusiasts and collectors have wide and varied interests. To serve these we have in development not only live steam models, but also military models, cars, ships, aircraft and even dolls houses. Exciting times are ahead!

So you can go directly to the product range that interests you most we have given our various models their own distinctive brand name. For example, you will find all our live steam models promoted under the Kingscale banner whilst our military range is marketed under our Battletrax ® trade mark. All models offered by mam modellbau are our proprietary designs and protected by copyright as are the brand names associated with individual product ranges.

We have now opened the order book for the first product in our new range of 1/6th scale military models - the "Katyusha" rocket firing lorry (and yes, they do fire!).

We have in development a prestigious ship model under licence from the National Maritime Museum and a magnificent dolls house manufactured under licence from NBC Universal.

All our models are delivered with a full 12 months warranty. We pride ourselves on an after sales service that is second to none.

Enjoy our models. We hope to welcome you as a customer soon.


An Introduction to Battletrax.....

"Battletrax" is our registered trade mark for a new range of 1/6th scale military vehicles. Our models are innovative and exciting. Built primarily in aluminium and brass the models include substantial detailing as standard. All are delivered fully assembled and painted as illustrated in the photographs shown here, ready for the installation of your choice of RC. We intend to be adventurous in our choice of subject and we are launching this Autumn with a classic British tank and a Russian truck. We hope that this change of pace from the ubiquitous Tiger and Panther will find an enthusiastic following amongst the military modeller looking for a stand-out model with a difference. When we speak about "making a difference" this is a serious ambition. We want our models to have the "wow!" factor and in the accompanying pages we demonstrate why this is no idle boast. The 1/6th scale Churchill Crocodile has a working flamethrower. Our Katyusha missile firing lorry can fire off sixteen 9" rockets in as many seconds. Enjoy our new products. There is a whole lot more in development. Battletrax is changing the shape of 1/6th scale military modelling.

Unique design and great value.....

All our designs are unique and originated by Silver Crest Models. We aim to produce a quality working model that will provide a lifetime of good service. Models are delivered fully assembled and painted to a high standard. We provide a model that will take pride of place in your collection and be the head turner at get-togethers. For models of this quality and detail we offer outstanding value for Money.

Limited production..........

Creating new models is time consuming and expensive. Typical lead time from the selection of a new subject to receipt of a "production standard" pilot model is 10 - 24 months. At this point we open the order book and invite customer reservations for a model from the production batch that is typically around 50 pieces. The advertising campaign runs for around 20 weeks at which time the model is usually sold out.

Traditionally hand built to order......

We only build models against a firm customer order. Models are all built by traditional methods. Certainly batch production and the employment of CNC machining centres can deliver some economies of scale, but this is a long way from what you could call mass production. Paint is hardwearing and applied by a stove enamel process. We know of no other manufacturer that can offer a similar combination of quality and value for money in a model that is delivered painted and fully assembled.

Staged payments spread the cost....

Your order can be secured by payment of a deposit followed by a number of staged payments as the build of your model progresses. The final staged payment is due on model completion before delivery. Payment is accepted by , bank transfer, or cheque.

. Our aim is to replicate the success we have enjoyed in the live steam market in the RC 1/6th scale tank market. Take a look at our new products now.